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The New Facebook Algorithm: Secrets Behind How It Works and What You Can Do To Succeed

The Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving in order to provide a better experience for users.

But few changes to the algorithm have sparked as much interest and conversation as the recent ‘meaningful interactions’ update, in which Facebook said it would be prioritizing posts that create meaningful conversations, especially those from family and friends.

The reaction to this update was one of curiosity and worry from brands, publishers, and Facebook Page managers, wondering whether or not their organic reach would once again take a hit, causing them to reach an even smaller percentage of their audience on Facebook.

We were lucky enough to get an inside look at the brand new Facebook algorithm for 2018, directly from an exclusive News Feed webinar for publishers (thanks to Matt Navarra and Ned Berke).

Here’s everything we know about how the Facebook algorithm works and what marketers and brands can do to thrive on Facebook in 2018.

Let’s dive in!

How Instagram’s Major New Features Work

How Instagram’s Major New Features Work

For Instagram, December has been a busy month, with the image sharing platform introducing several new features designed not only to enhance functionality but also to improve online safety. Perhaps the biggest change is that you can now ‘like’ not only Instagram posts themselves but any comments which have been left on them.

Instagram Goes After Snapchat With New Feature for Disappearing Photos, Videos

Instagram Goes After Snapchat With New Feature for Disappearing Photos, Videos

Over the last six years Instagram has become the social media home for beautifully curated photos, but the Facebook-owned app wants to shed some of its perfect image. The company on Tuesday unveiled a new feature, Instagram Stories, that executives are describing as a place to share photos and videos of the things that happen in between life’s big moments.

Starbucks rolls out a more personalized mobile app along with a revamped Rewards program | TechCrunch


Starbucks rolls out a more personalized mobile app along with a revamped Rewards program

Starbucks this morning announced the overall of its mobile application, now used by 17 million people, in an effort to create a more personalized experience for its customers. The changes rolled out alongside an overhaul of the company’s popular customer loyalty program, Starbucks Rewards, which is now doling out stars based on dollars spent in stores, rather than how often customers make purchases.

Over the last year I have noticed less and less interaction with ads I make in Facebook.  I find more interaction with organic reach and make sure we post more content driven information with a link to buy.  To the point that many times if I want to turn it into an ad it is too wordy and Facebook rejects it.  So I have to build out a different ad post for Facebook to approve. However in doing so I do not see much traffic or clickthroughs.  Therefore have been disappointed in Facebook ads.

Now with the latest change from Facebook coming in January many of those posts we have good traffic with will be sent to less people starting next year.  And I will be expected to do more ads instead. With my results already lacking with Facebook ads, I do not think it will motivate me to encourage my clients to do more Facebook ads.

Here is more news on that front.  I will post more of my strategies  for 2015 in the coming weeks!


15 Twitter Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Twitter Ninja

With just days away from Smoky Mountains Songwriter Festival ( @smswf ). Here are some Twitter hacks to have you in back pocket as we talk about Social Media for Songwriters!  Stephanie Orr-Buttrey’s  Session called “Plugging Your Name Not Just Your Song Online”  starts at 12:30 on Friday August 22nd.  Check out the full schedule of workshops and events at

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