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Apple’s entry into the market isn’t the signal that the world is ready for streaming music; it’s proof that the transition has already begun…

There was a moment in the mid-2000s when it seemed like we might be collecting songs, one-by-one, into eternity. Internet connections were getting faster, hard drives stored more data in tinier spaces, songs were easier than ever to find and available for little or no money. Every year, the new version of Apple’s iPod, first introduced in 2001 with a now-adorable 5GB of storage space, held thousands upon thousands more songs. It was easy to imagine this trend approaching a music lover’s fantasy: a day in the future when we’d be able to carry songs in our pockets, at full fidelity, by the millions. READ MORE

How Streaming Is Changing Music

Tap the Millenial Market by Using Music as Your Medium – Entrepreneur

Artists have great chances of reaching millennials this summer with festivals and reaching out to brands wanting to tap into this market. Just make sure you bring your swag and product with you to truly captivate this market.




Over the last year I have noticed less and less interaction with ads I make in Facebook.  I find more interaction with organic reach and make sure we post more content driven information with a link to buy.  To the point that many times if I want to turn it into an ad it is too wordy and Facebook rejects it.  So I have to build out a different ad post for Facebook to approve. However in doing so I do not see much traffic or clickthroughs.  Therefore have been disappointed in Facebook ads.

Now with the latest change from Facebook coming in January many of those posts we have good traffic with will be sent to less people starting next year.  And I will be expected to do more ads instead. With my results already lacking with Facebook ads, I do not think it will motivate me to encourage my clients to do more Facebook ads.

Here is more news on that front.  I will post more of my strategies  for 2015 in the coming weeks!


Apple Partners With Southwest To Offer Free In-Flight Streaming Via Beats Music

To use Beats Music free on aircraft, users will have to have a device compatible with the Beats app, which includes iOS and Android, and can also work with any web browser that works with the browser-based Beats streaming site. The partnership is not unlike previous arrangements that have seen customers access Wi-Fi hotspots in locations like Starbucks offered free location-based access to paywalled newspaper content.

At the end of September, Apple brought Beats Music to its Apple TV desktop streaming device, and all indications are that it will continue to operate the service in the short-term at least, despite rumors to the contrary, including an original report by TechCrunch. It’s also very possible that Apple is trying to bolster subscriber numbers in order to prove the service’s continued viability, since if it does end up rebranding and repurposing its streaming music efforts under the iTunes brand, as other outlets have subsequently reported, its current product and partnership arrangements won’t be in vain. Reed the whole article below.



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Here are the tell tell signs of yesteryear, remember when new technology emerged and we didn’t think it would touch physical CD sales, so the industry ignored it till it was too late? We might want to learn this lesson faster…

Nielsen Entertainment analyst Dave Bakula chalked up the declines in downloads mostly to “a shift in the way consumers are consuming music,” noting that total streams on services such as Spotify and Pandora Media Inc. were up 46% for the year to date, compared with the same period last year. Streaming services now account for nearly one-third of the revenue from recorded music in the U.S., according to the RIAA.

There was note of big albums coming in the next few weeks that might change the percentage a bit, but this is no surprise as we give music away to draw attention and the music streaming services are getting cheaper. (Spotify dropped prices with family plan).

Artist need to keep the eye on the ball and remember your live ticket sales, merchandise as well as your overall brand need much attention to keep revenue streams flowing.


15 Twitter Hacks That Will Turn You Into a Twitter Ninja

With just days away from Smoky Mountains Songwriter Festival ( @smswf ). Here are some Twitter hacks to have you in back pocket as we talk about Social Media for Songwriters!  Stephanie Orr-Buttrey’s  Session called “Plugging Your Name Not Just Your Song Online”  starts at 12:30 on Friday August 22nd.  Check out the full schedule of workshops and events at


Watching more services popping up for you to decipher what you are listening to in any environment. This iOS and Android app currently supports over 20 services, including Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud. We find this a great opportunity to reach out to your fans no matter what service they drawn to.   Something worth keeping your eyes and ears on!

Decline of music downloads continues as on-demand streaming audio up 50 percent


As we see the trend change again on how we consume music from digital downloads to streaming will we remember our past mistakes.  Ignoring or looking at this shift in a panic is not how to approach an opportunity. Finding ways to incorporate marking of you brand in the new format will keep you ahead of the curve.


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