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Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization Will Be the Only Option for Advertisers

Facebook recently made an announcement that CBO will be rolled out in September 2019 for advertisers with a 100% CBO adoption. This means that if all of your campaigns in the 56 days prior to the change have been set up using CBO, you won’t be able to turn it off and go back to setting budget at the Ad Set level.

In February 2020, the change will be rolled out to remaining advertisers who haven’t fully adopted CBO yet.

Pro Tip: Right now, don’t use CBO for all of your campaigns. If you do, your account will be locked into using the feature. Continue experimenting with CBO, but keep using ad set budgets until the full release in February 2020. More on why later in the article.


Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is going to be the default and only option to create campaigns on Facebook (beginning in February 2020). This is a big change that will disrupt all advertisers, so now is the time to get ahead and test this feature before the full change is implemented.

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